Mallards eating acorns in the silt
Green and white crack open gummy meals
While the wind is winding down the hill
And the trunks are blackened to the hilt 

Rabbits digging holes into the mud
Visions of a warren for their blood
Raise the runts and ready them for love
Hares and harems young make rabbit cubs 

There is room enough for every beast
Some have come to nest and some to feast
Find them in their dens or under leaf
Anxious are the small, the large at ease

Pleasantly the grass might grow again
Welcoming the fauna and their kin
See the doe return with hesitance
As the flora blossoms dark and dense 

Courtesy unfound in animals
Specially when the spread is plentiful
Hawks and even owls are merciful
When they are asleep or very old 

Still, the woodland strives to reawake
’Ever many years or lives it takes
Duty to the hunt and to the day
Singing nature’s song in callous staves 

Comfort can be found in rabbit holes
In the amber eye of sunsets old
If in mornings warm or twilight cold
Animalia fights for fang and foal.