Trixie and Roy are friends on a walk during the Christmas holiday. For one reason or another, they set out on an adventure in a rowboat on the pond in the woods. Across the water they encounter a hidden corner of the world, full of strange characters like singing Sea Lions, Gnomes and Imps perpetually at war, talking animals, mysterious woods, and much more. Wandering through this peculiar country, the children face dangers and delights, hunted by a fiendish monster, aided by a kindly Grandmother and her four servants, the Great Dogs of the Wood. All the while they seek the ever elusive Toymaker, who is known to invent wonderful and marvelous contraptions.

Trixie & Roy is a story for children, but surely can be enjoyed by anyone of any age, if you like tales of fantastic adventure. The book is also fully illustrated, with over 60 pen-and-ink drawings by the author, depicting the strange characters and places of the story.