We Kill Death

There is an old church in the woods behind their school. There is a young, lovely woman there who wears a black dress and offers strange jobs...carving words into trees...planting posts and hanging buckets...capturing a horrible animal they’ve never seen before. There is a witch in a mansion house...there are giant men with white eyes...there are dedgers and chimeras and kadraums...

“Man has always known to defend against man and beast, but we protect him from that which he has forgotten.”


The Vulture and the Valkyrie

A runaway in a cold land.
A vagabond prophesying murder in the West.
Creatures long dead appearing to come back to life.
Spectral figures haunt the church, weeping day and night.

The Hunters have divided: the Scout leads one party to learn the fate of a treacherous old friend, the others remain in Texas to face visions of a gruesome present and future.

“Oh, oh you limp-tongued boy. You talk to a gang of ravenous lords. Fathers and rulers. I want us to be friends. I’ve got many things to tell you.”


The Night Cavalry

A shrouded figure haunts the city streets.
A family of satyrs preys on the town.
A grey body who wears the head of an ancient animal brings murder and words of doom.
Ten years have passed since the battle in the desert. Some of the Hunters have married, had children, or moved on. Over the past decade, monsters have been subjugated with relative ease, while new alliances formed with other crews across Texas. But, peace falters at the coming of the Murderer and his servants. Hunters new and old struggle together as the world around them is pulled apart at long last, fighting with the hope of final deliverance. 

“I shall take the shape of man. I shall take the head of teeth, but shall kill only with my hands. I shall seek the slaughter of the children and go forth with feet of blood. I shall swallow the earth as a seed, and devour the tyrant who has hated me.”